Mistral – SUP – 2014

Mistral – SUP – 2014

Born in 1976 on the winds of time, fuelled by the pioneering years of windsurfing, Mistral stands proud as the ultimate wind and water life-style brand. Having endured the passage of time through innovation and adherence to grass root philosophies, Mistral is today playing a significant lasting role, in the evolution and development of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) a vehicle of phenomenal possibilities and endless adventures.

Mistral understands that SUP-sport and windsurfing are for all-comers and we design our equipment to be as extreme or as laid-back as the people who ride them.

Whether charging the line in the surf, cruising picturesque waterways, sharing good times with friends and family at the beach, blasting downwind, striking a pose on your fitness board, or travelling the world with one of our many inflatable boards (iSUP) – with every stroke you take and every move you make – our SUP boards and paddles are with you.

Not since the advent of windsurfing, has there been a water sport which has inspired and nurtured the imagination of millions and made possible a simplistic transition in fostering a relationship with planet oceans surface and all it’s water ways in-between.

Through a melding of board, body and blade – SUP sport brings like-minded people together. It provides the perfect platform from which to nurture year-round fun, freedom of expression, connection with the elements, with nature, the making of friendships, the sharing of experiences with family, no matter the age and the gaining and maintaining of health, fitness and well-being, both mentally and physically.